Todd Rampe Explain a Brief History of the Pro9Trader System

After years of trading and experiencing the ups and downs of the marketplace, Todd Rampe was determined to find the right pathway to maximize his success. After losing a considerable amount of money when the Dot Com bubble burst in 2000, Rampe proceeded to restart his thinking process about how he approached trading and leveraging his wealth to obtain better outcomes.

The Creation of eminiWealth

Starting in 2004, Todd Rampe created a day trading chat room called eminiWealth which helped open his eyes to the mindset of day traders and how they pursued their fortunes. He discovered many day traders at the time were making poor decisions and had little in the way of a trading plan. The most consistentfactor that emerged was that most people did not pull the trigger at the right time to take advantage of the opportunities that were out there. Even when coaching traders directly, only a fraction would actually take action and jump on the opportunities available.

One interesting development from this experience Rampe noted was that even when presented with reliable indicators, most traders shy away from them, and for an understanable reason. Any indicator that is free cannot be any good. That notion was so stuck in the head of most traders that they could not act even when it was in their best interest. Only when confusing indicators and information was removed did the traders begin to act and that’s how Rampe came across the idea for Top9Trader.

How Top9Trader Works

This automated software system does not use visible indicators, it only shows the most basic information a trader needs: the entry price, the profit target or goal and the stop price. By pulling away information and only leaving what is absolutely necessary for the trader to act upon, it encouraged more people to start trading with confidence.

By 2010, the Top9Trader software had been heavily tested and released. The result was a smashing success. It’s no surprise Todd Rampe managed to build upon this success to create the Pro9Trader system now in use by day traders around the world. Built on the same principles of providing just enough information to evoke action, the Pro9Trader method works precisely because it gives the trader what they need and nothing more.

Sparked into action, people overcame their fears and began learning from their experiences. Even if their first few trades did not live up to expectations, it became easy to spot the signs which point to bigger moves. It has to begin with practice and moving people into trading so that they can build upon their own experience and use the information to take action.

Todd Rampe’s uniquely-clear methods, based on his own experience and years of experimentation, lead to the current apex of his creations:Pro9Trader. For those who have been struggling with day trading and looking for the right guidance, this program will allow you to get going with the right information right away, and truly excel in day trading.

Todd Rampe Explain a Brief History of the Pro9Trader System