How to Manage Your Money the Pro9Trader Way

When it comes to managing your money, most programs focus on how to make the most of what you have. However, the Pro9Trader approach by Todd Rampe takes it a step further as you learn how to create new income streams and seize opportunities while minimizing the risk to what you have already earned.

Managing your money comes down to making the most informed decisions about how to generate income at maximum potential with the lowest risk possible. While risk is always part of money management, you can limit its effect by using the right information to make your decisions. That is where Pro9Trader comes into play.

What is Pro9Trader?

Pro9Trader has already been celebrated for its unique take on futures trading.It’s a simple, straightforward approach that has helped thousands of people make more informed trades and experience greater success.

In creating a simpler, more effective conveyance of information, Pro9Trader has helped traders enter the world of day trading where substantial profits can be made in just minutes. While day trading is risky, the potential benefits are such that thousands of people are now engaging in this form of trading to earn extra profit.

How Pro9Trader Maximizes Day Trading Potential

It’s no secret that day trading relies on the volatility of the markets at the micro level. Basically, there are natural fluctuations that at first seemingly have no pattern or predictability which is where day trading operates. However, thanks to the Pro9Trader system by Todd Rampe you can cut through the information overload and minimize the risk to each trade decision that you make.

Proper management of your money is not just about what you can make, but how much you can keep by trading smart with the right information. The managed approach to investments and trading is what makes this particular system so powerful.

  • Creating an effective plan
  • Minimizing the risk of trading
  • Setting the proper limits
  • Reducing the fear associated with the unknown

When it comesto proper money management, Pro9Trader will guide you through the risks and the possibilities that you face on a daily basis. The approach is straightforward, the risks are spelled out and the potential is there for you to make the most with what you have.

Leveraging your money is the essence of the Pro9Trader system as it provides you with ability to maximize your earning potential. Todd Rampe spent years developing a system which invovles Fixed Fractional Money Management. This is a formula where risk is given its proper perspective so that traders can make the right decisions about when to stay in and when to cash out.

Overall, Pro9Trader offers a unique and dynamic viewpoint on the risks that are involved with day trading so that traders can protect their holdings while expanding their income streams. By stripping away the clutter of unnecessary information, Pro9Trader also adds clarity to those who want to really understand what’s happening with their money.

How to Manage Your Money the Pro9Trader Way

How the Pro9Trader Course Works for You ! Know by Todd Rampe

When it comes to trading futures, understanding where to make the right trades can seem difficult in a volatile market. However, volatility is actually a good thing because it allows traders to buy low and sell high even if the change is relatively small. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to take advantage of the inherent volatility unless you are prepared to move very quickly. One system that can help you make the decision of when to move on your trades is the Pro9Trader course.

Developed by Todd Rampe, the Pro9Trader course has helped many people learn about the patterns of volatility that the futures market experiences and translate that into actionable trades. This is because the Pro9Trader system gets rid of the baggage created by too many administrative tasks and allows you to pull the trigger far more swiftly.

How does Pro9Trader Work?

Essentially, the clutter created by other companies who overload their trading systems with stacks of information is done away with on Pro9Trader. Todd Rampe has managed to curtail the excess amount of information and instead narrow it down to just a few important indicators that have been extensively tested. This means that you only get the bare information needed so that you can make the best decision on when to make each trade.

After four years of testing in the field, Rampe has managed to create a system that works on what you need to know rather than trying to cover all the bases with an overload of data. Too much information leads to the fabled paralysis of analysis, missing out on trades that might have been quite profitable.

Instead, the approach is to take only the most important bits into account while still using sophisticated tools that are found in the best trading platforms. Instead of being bombarded, you are provided with a snapshot that reveals the essential elements so that you can quickly evaluate them and make your decision. All too often, good trades are lost because of too much information being present or worse, bad trades are made by misreading important information.

Why You Should Choose Pro9Trader

Todd Rampe has spent years developing this simple, straightforward trading approach which cuts through the blizzard of information and instead focuses on what you need to know. Now when you evaluate a trade using the Pro9Trader method, you can instantly see the important points and make the most informed decision at exactly the right time.

Too many trading systems overwhelm users when they should be focused on the essentials. Pro9Trader avoids this with a program that you will understand quickly and information that is consistantly helpful in making your trading decisions. When it comes to trading futures, it’s only as difficult as you make it. Pro9Trader makes trading much clearer, leading to the most confident decisions possibleabout the trades that you make.


How the Pro9Trader Course Works for You ! Know by Todd Rampe

How to evaluate a real estate partner – Todd Rampe

A Complete Know-How on How to Evaluate a Successful Real Estate Partner

Real estate industry is perhaps one industry that consistently favours those who set up a successful partnership in order to craft a niche for themselves in the industry. Quite expectedly a large fraction of realtors worldwide pin down their faith on a successful business partner. In fact, it is no safe to say that a good partner can further fuel your zeal for success and enhance your chances of success in the industry. But i order to succeed in the industry; it makes sense to know how to evaluate a real estate partner. Remember, even a little heedlessness in selecting business partners may run your goals and aspirations into rough weathers. Here’s a little smattering on top 5 tips on how to evaluate a partner to achieve success in the industry.

  1. The candidate must share your business values & vision

When the question is how to evaluate a real estate partner, it is only but prudent to check if your potential partner shares your business vision and entrepreneurial values. So do enquire what are the long and short term goals of your potential partner to determine is he/she can drive your business vision forward efficiently. If the candidate is unenthusiastic, aggressive or demotivated, it may hamper the longevity of your business and may eventually lead to a downfall in your business.

  1. Look for candidate’s experience and expertise

Remember, partnering with people who have experience and expertise will always have an edge over someone with no experience whatsoever. Always go for people with impressive track record when it comes to choosing partners. It is also very important to choose partners with skill sets that compliment your own skills as choosing partners with skills that you already may have will not bring any positive outcome. Always keep in mind that it is the combined skills of you and your partner that will help you plan and achieve success in the long run.

  1. Look for candidates who bring credibility to your business

One thing which can make or break your business is credibility. Buyers always look for credibility when it comes to choosing partners and thus you should always ensure that your potential partner brings in the desired credibility. Evaluate your partner based on the credibility they bring. How you can be certain about the credibility of your partner is by checking their past records to see whom they have worked with and how successful they have been in the industry. Always look for candidate with strong internal connections and good network. A candidate which may look smart and Sauvé but have no network will not enhance your chance of attaining success in the business. It is very crucial to choose candidates with extensive inside network and connections.

  1. Good Business ethics makes all the difference!

Good ethics may not look very practical; its importance cannot be stressed upon enough. No matter how qualified or experienced your Real Estate partner is, if he doesn’t practice good business ethics, choosing him/her will be detrimental to your business. Refrain from choosing partners that do not practices good business ethics, no matter how tempting the offer might be. Such candidates may bring legal problems, and may even stoop to steal your business or clients. It is strongly advisable to choose partners who practice good business ethics.

  1. Check for financially stable candidate

It always makes good sense to choose partners who are financially stable as people who are not able to manage their own finances may not be trusted for many reasons, after all you are doing a business and not a charity. Carefully check the finances and other aspects to see if the candidate is trustworthy. The basic principle applied here is the idea that if a person cannot manage his or her own finances, he/she will not be able to help you with your business as he/she lacks the skill to handle financial issues.

The above parameters are some such criterion you should carefully contemplate before selecting your potential partners. Consider all these points cautiously before choosing a partner as choose only those who fit all these given conditions. Even after you have found the right match, always keep a time-frame to see if the partnership can be trusted for long run. Do not commit anything before you have had the chance to check your Real Estate partner thoroughly and before you are completely satisfied with his/her performance.

 For more information about real estate partner investing please refer –


How to evaluate a real estate partner – Todd Rampe

Successful Day Trading Tips Revealed by Todd Rampe

Business women with flying money. Isolated.
Business women with flying money. Isolated.

Day trading is a high risk but richly rewarding investment opportunity. The strategy used by a trader is what determines the outcome of the investment. It does not matter how long you have been in the trade; you just need an efficient trading platform to actualize your trading prowess. Fortunately, Todd Rampe reveals rich trading secrets using the Pro9Trader trading program. You’ll no longer be groping in the dark, trying to find your way through the endless, confusing day trading investment methods. It is amazing to learn how simple it is to trade successfully using Rampe’s program. In addition, you have this trading guru’s experience to guide you.

Learn from Todd Rampe’s Mistakes

The trading guru gladly shared his day trading experience in a recent interview. He confirms that the trading challenges he experienced while trading led to the invention of the Pro9Trader trading program. The initial years of his venture proved to be frustrating until the time he learned the trading secrets and started making profits. Traders learn that the initial expectations and the reality in the trading market are completely different. Rampe lost a significant amount of money in the market, but he used this set back as the learning experience that made him change his trading strategies.

Use a Well-Researched Trading Platform that Works for You

I was surprised to see that Todd Rampe revealed his unedited trading charts to others in a day trading webinar recently, showing that the method he teaches people, does in fact happen on a very regular basis. The other traders on the webinar could watch his indicators set up and perform exactly as described, and is the secret to making unbelievable profits, when followed to the letter. The day trading expert laments that most investors usually trade without a plan. The trading guru interacted with traders to identify their weak points and show why a majority of them hesitated to take action and “pull the trigger”.

Becoming overwhelmed with confusing indicators is the most common reason for traders, especially new ones, to sit on the sidelines and not participate. This realization made Todd develop a trading methodology that is very easy to follow, where he lists what he calls the “Rules of Engagement” or, the simple steps to follow in order for one of his trades to qualify.

Be Flexible and Adopt to the Jungle Environment

In as much as you need speed and accuracy in day trading, Todd Rampe avers that you need to adapt to the dynamic environment of financial market. It is a jungle out there, and in order to survive, you need to be fit to survive. The financial market is highly volatile and no matter how much research you do, things can go wrong at any moment. However, remember Todd lost a great amount of cash too. You will not be the first one to crash and survive. So if what you’re currently doing isn’t working, change the tactic and move to another location where the grass is greener. Nonetheless, when adopting to the financial markets, do not let your guard down, stick to the trading strategy, and follow Todd’s simple step by step approach to trading the futures markets.

Day trading is a lucrative investment deal; follow the guidelines of an expert, Todd Rampe.


Successful Day Trading Tips Revealed by Todd Rampe

What is day trading? Know about day trading by expert Todd rampe


Day-trading-by-toddHow are day traders different from any other market traders? While swing traders hold their securities for days, the same way investors hold theirs for years, day traders shut out their positions before each day ends and repeat the same routine the next day. Because of this nature of day trading, it reduces the risk of having any misfortunes overnight that will result to significant losses. This should catch your interest in trading.

But there’s a bit of a downside. This way of working out positions and securities have to work out within the day or you’re in the same crowd that holds onto a position with hope. Hope is not an indicator. If you’re really interested in becoming a day trader, then listen up, and continue reading.

Todd Rampe, famous for tutoring day traders is also known for developing the Pro9Trader system, and mentions this in one of his articles.

“Traders need to know three things: Trend, Direction, and Timing”

Well, apparently, there’s a lot you still have to know about day trading. And this is not something you can learn overnight. Those things may seem easy to understand, but they’re easier read than learned. You understand that those three things all refer to numbers right? Trading is generally all about numbers in the first place. But if you know the secrets of being a productive day trader, numbers become your best friend!

Day trading is a quirky business. The amount of money earned depends on how to successfully execute a large number of trades with small profits. This is why decision-making should be quick. Todd Rampe also wrote in the same article: ‘the key could be right in front of you. But you’ll never know, nonetheless be able to use it, if you don’t pick it up.’ That is why utilizing your assets and taking every opportunity is essential.

However expeditious day trading could be, you should always remind yourself that you need to take time thinking if a trade is worth your money. Even Todd Rampe agrees with me. ‘Why would you risk your money on trades that don’t have a high probability of winning?’

Even if you’re eager enough to begin day trading, without adequate knowledge on the field and the necessary skills of a trader, it would not be wise to do so. You’ll only end up wasting time, and effort. As what I’ve already said, day trading is not something you can learn overnight. Though educating yourself might be effective, you will have to take some time before engaging yourself in the trading world.

You have to understand that it takes fortitude and patience in order to become a competent day trader.

What is day trading? Know about day trading by expert Todd rampe

Play To Win: The Money Management Approach To Wealth Building

 We know those people who jump on the get-rich-quick schemes, the MLM marketing and all that, trying to build wealth. Or they take a really risky road: day-trading without a set strategy for building wealth. Oh, sure, they have certain sectors they want to invest in, or they might just pick a few stocks or futures and trade them around, just to see what happens.


That is like playing with dynamite. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it could blow up in your face really quick, and the money you’ve invested is gone, just like that. Wouldn’t you rather know what you’re doing? And knowing what you’re doing, with a solid strategy, is playing to win. This is your financial future we’re talking about, not just a walk in the park with your furry friends. How about enjoying that walk in the park with your furry friends, knowing that you made—and are continuing to make–truly smart decisions about how to handle your money?

Todd Rampe and his Pro9Trader course are here to help you do just that. He has 17 years’ worth of experience in the day-trading field, and he’s made the mistakes. But he’s learned from those mistakes. He’s developed a managed approach to investment and trading over the years that just plain works. But what is his approach, anyway?

 It’s about minimizing risk, having a plan, setting limits that make sense and taking the fear out trading. There are some risks involved in day-trading, but if you’re smart, you can see a fast turnaround with the money you invest. This means knowing how to identify and evaluate market trends and have a specific approach so you can leverage your investments.

 The Todd Rampe approach teaches you when you should move your money and where, as well as how to reinvest your profits to leverage your investment and compound the earning potential. Doesn’t this sound better than playing it “hit-or-miss” and losing money while you’re trying to run around figuring out when to buy or when to sell?

 There is a formula Todd uses called Fixed Fractional Money Management, and there’s a variation on that called Fixed Ratio Money Management. The main formula is used when you have a certain amount you want to invest, and you want to take the most risk with the least to lose, early on in the game. The Fixed Ratio variation is where your increase of risk decreases as you money grows. An initial investment of, say, $5000 will purchase two contracts, and the goal is to increase your investment by 100%. Which means you want to end up with $10,000.

 However, until that point is reached, you run the risk of losing a few percentage points of your initial money and that’s not what we want to have happen. Again, the goal is to double your money and use the profit to continue trading. Once you’re at the desired $10,000, move up a level. Keep using the formula till you’ve increased your profits again by another 100%. By diversifying your investments, your risk decreases your potential of losing your initial $5000 as your profits rise.

 However, you don’t want to fly blind. You need to have an investment plan once you begin a program. The plan should take into account your comfort levels, your initial investment amount and your short and long term financial goals. Never invest money you can’t afford to lose. A bare minimum of money should be no less than $500-1000 dollars. You need to also consider what your short and long term goals are and how much risk you’re willing to take to reach those goals.

 For example, a short term goal would be to increase your initial investment by 100% in X amount of time. A long term goal might be a vacation, college education or retirement.  A conservative amount of risk here is about 7% per trade but at that level, you would want to increase your initial investment to make it worth your time.

 An easier way to look at risk is how much you’d have to make back after a loss to bring yourself back up to your original investment amount. Using the $5000 example again, a 10% loss amounts to a $500 setback. Todd Rampe gives you the knowledge that takes a lot of the guess work out of the process and a large amount of the decision-making out of trading, giving you clear-cut rules and steps, allowing you to take on more risk.

 The thing you also need to do is set limits. Many investors set a cap that they think will keep them from losing their initial investment. But perhaps that might cost you more money than you think. Todd’s stop loss rules help you find the market for your investment size.

 Todd’s program helps minimize the negative emotions involved in this process of making investment decisions. Most people do one of the following: they let fear control their decisions or they get greedy. A decisive course of action keeps you from falling into those traps, keeping you from hesitating when you should move. A strong course of action prevents you from missing opportunities that could lead to long term growth.

 Todd’s program eliminates all that fear, all that guesswork, because his approach helps you play to win. His system gives you an easy to read bunch of indicators that help you analyze real time data, and gives you clear signs and action plans according to the most helpful numbers that will get you ahead, such as “Red to sell,” or “green to buy.”

 All you have to do, in order to play to win, is look at the chart given to you, decide if things line up according to the program’s step by step rules and click the mouse button. Rampe doesn’t guarantee you’ll become a millionaire overnight, but he does promise that by using his approach, you can succeed.

Play To Win: The Money Management Approach To Wealth Building

Learning Day Trade Secrets with Todd Rampe

While most of us try learning about market trading from so many websites all over the internet, there are only few that would give us real and helpful information. Thankfully, Todd Rampe, a 17-year veteran trader, is here to assist newbies and those who have been in the trading business for a while but would like to know a dependable method.


Trading, as you may have watched on that Leonardo DiCaprio film, is a very emotional business. Yes, it can be very financially rewarding, but the stress that comes with it, the hard work, the unexpected twists and turns in the market and so much more feelings that one has to go through everyday can really make or break a person. Todd Rampe will not only help you know more about Day Trading and how to become successful with it but also give you guidance on how to deal with this roller coaster of emotions.

Todd Rampe also knows a lot about managing money for a successful day trade career. He will make you understand when it’s wise or not wise to invest your money on a certain market. Your investment is very important as you can lose a lot in a short period of time should a wrong decision be made. He will help you lose your fear of trading, setting smart limits, planning and minimizing the risk you’d have to take. After all, no one wants to lose thousands of dollars after just a few days of starting to day trade?

As the founder of Academy Day Trading and creator of the Pro9Trader suite, Todd Rampe shares that he also experienced several failures and successes in the day trading business. However, through the years he learned that it’s possible to be consistently profitable, and he made it happen. Initially, many set impossible expectations, just like him, that seem to be difficult to achieve, eventually, exceeding these expectations even became possible. A memorable event in 2000 was when Todd Rampe lost almost four hundred thousand dollars within a week which was a very hard learning experience for him. By the time he gained back his confidence in trading, he vowed not to go through the same mistake again.

Todd Rampe shares the benefits of day trading and its advantage over the markets. He also says how the markets can be unforgiving and truly cold sometimes and it’s crucial to your success to recognize the head fakes that the smart money plays on the inexperienced. Once you’re tricked, you might find yourself in a hole that you cannot get out of. In day trading, there’s lesser risk as compared to the buy and hold approach, provided you have a dependable method.  Todd  teaches how to use his proprietary set of indicators and trade with a clear plan based on years of trial and error. Academy Day Trading will help you and teach you so you too can become the next day trading success story. A trial of the Pro9Trader is available at the Academy Day Trading website. Try it out today.

Learning Day Trade Secrets with Todd Rampe