How Todd Rampe Got Started

Todd Rampe was a full time trader before he developer the Pro9Trader system. Starting with the OEX options and stocks, he later began working with the S&P 500 and other markets, and then onto crude oil, S&P Mid-Cap 400 and so on, including the Dow and NASDAQ.

What is Todd Rampe’s Background?

Todd started out like many other people: full of impossible expectations, how long he Todd Rampethought it was going to take him to learn as well as the money he’d envisioned he’d be making. All of these, he says, were way off.

After a while, he learned how to be consistently profitable, but he says that in the beginning, he was “trading like a cowboy.” He quickly discovered margin, doubling his buying power, which increased his monthly profit to nearly six figures, later compounding his profits daily.

But then the dot-com bubble happened. He was trading without stops, without caps, and eventually lost $400K. Yet he regained his confidence after a time, and resolved not to go into trading without a stop loss. As he began trading again, this time with a smaller account, he still looked to enjoy the leverage with a margined stock account, because he still wanted to see the daily percentage increase, knowing he could still turn it into a small fortune.

When Did Todd Rampe Start eminiWealth?

Todd says that in 2004, he started eminiWealth as a day-trading chat room, where he would call emini S&P 500 trades in real time. He learned that most traders were making poor investment decisions, and those who did have a trading plan weren’t following it. It was his experience that only twenty percent of the people in the chat room were taking the trades, and the other eighty percent were in a perpetual wave of thinking where they were either “gearing up” to pull the trigger, regardless of how many trades they’d seen Todd take.

They were plagued, essentially, by fear, a fear most amateur traders have, but it didn’t always affect the same people. He says they seemed to take turns with this emotion. He asked them why they were paying for the service if they were not going to take advantage. Later, he would put up his charts in the chat room, but instead of being able to interpret them, the people in the chat rooms were overwhelmed and mesmerized, suffering “analysis paralysis.”

Todd Rampe later went around interviewing traders, attempting to understand the behaviors in which they were engaging, and discovered something interesting: most traders have a difficult time deciphering and believing the indicators they use, with good reason. The indicators we all get for free with our trading platforms don’t hold up. If they did, they wouldn’t be free, now would they?

Think about putting blinders on a horse. If the horse has blinders on him, he can’t get scared or overwhelmed by everything around him. He only focuses on what’s in front of him, and then he’s more calm, he behaves better since he can’t see the things that would otherwise spook him.

Rampe concluded that if a trader can’t see the indicators that hinder them, and can only see the trade being called, his results tend to go upwards. That’s the premise behind his Top9Trader software. There are no other visible indicators but the following: Entry Price, Profit Target and Stop Price.

Todd says that along with trading, he’s been involved with real estate since 2004, and that year, he and his wife decided to move to Mexico. He reasoned that since you can trade from anywhere in the world, you might as well be in a beautiful place when you’re not busy trading. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Once in Mexico, he got to work on this new software, hiring a senior-level programmer/manager who managed a group of programmers, and once a month, Todd would make the 7 hour journey to the US to meet with them. His initial project finish time of 6 months turned into 4 and a half years of research and development to get the system up to his high standards, and decided he would witness 1000 trades before he released the software to the public.

Todd Rampe’s Top9Trader Goes Live

In 2010, Top9Trader signaled its 1000th trade, so he and his wife moved back to the US, because Todd knew he’d have to be here in order to launch and successfully market the software.

Todd says that most of his clients are actually people who have never traded before, and they succeed right off the bat, because they have no bad habits to unlearn. It’s not that the seasoned traders don’t do well with the system. It just takes them a while to come around, and they eventually give up on their old indicators, realizing they never worked in the first place.

There are a lot of investment programs out there, but they’re priced well beyond what the average investor can afford. And most of these other programs offer new ways to trade on the same old indicators that we’ve had all this time. Contrast that with eminiWealth, and the Top9Trader program. The software automatically plots the trades for both the emini S&P 500 and the emini Russell markets. EminiWealth offers a professional level software program to the average “Joe Investor,” using their personal account to trade with.

It’s a beautiful blend of Todd’s proprietary algorithm along with ease of use. He likes to say that, “if you can send an email, you can use Top9Trader.” There’s literally no experience required, since it plots the lines right on your screen without any extra indicators confusing your decisions.

He compares it to the cell phones that are not smart phones. The less complicated phones are just easy to use. You simply punch numbers in and call. No major hoops to jump through. The Top is just that easy as well, telling you precisely what you need to know, what price to enter the trade and so forth.

That’s Top9Trader: simple quick and easy.

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How Todd Rampe Got Started